Radon Problems in the Home

Often, homeowners are not aware of the radon problems lurking in their homes. One of the biggest radon problems is that you cannot smell, taste or see it. You will not experience any symptoms from being exposed to it. The only way to know that you have radon problems is to test for radon.

Though you may not experience any symptoms from radon problems, it is important to realize that radon is one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the United States, second only to smoking. 1 in 15 homes across the country has radon problems. You may be breathing in toxic radon air without even knowing it.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is radioactive. When uranium in water, rocks & soil begins to break down, it forms radon gas, seeping into the dirt beneath your home. Often times, the source of your radon problems can be traced to things in your home:

  • Cracks in your foundation, both in the walls & the floors
  • Gaps in flooring
  • When warm air rises from lower levels inside your home
  • Gaps around pipes entering your foundation
  • Wind blowing outdoors, entering into your home
  • Fireplaces & furnaces allowing contaminated air inside
  • Open areas in between walls
  • Air vents that lead outside
  • Well water
  • Construction joints – areas where the concrete stops and starts again

The only way to know if your home has radon problems is to have your home tested. If your home exceeds the 4 pCi/L level, it is important to take steps to decrease your radon level as soon as possible.

Your radon problems can be eliminated with a removal system. These removal systems allow radon gas from beneath your home to be immediately vented outside. These removal systems are installed by licensed Radon Mitigation companies. They should also seal off any cracks in your home’s foundation.

Though radon problems can have serious health side effects, a simple test can give you peace of mind.

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