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Institutional Electrical Services

Institutions such as schools, churches, park districts, museums and municipalities are important to our local communities. They organize and centralize functions and services in support of our neighborhoods.

They also depend on a steady, efficient power supply to provide us with education, governance, culture, recreation, utilities, and places of spiritual gathering.

Trinity Electrical Services ensures that community institutions have the safe and sufficient power they need to operate on behalf of the public. As licensed, bonded, and insured local electricians, we:

  • Design electrical systems
  • Install new electrical wiring & equipment
  • Maintain electrical components & wiring
  • Rewire existing equipment
  • Work with overhead, underground & high-tech electrical lines
  • Install security systems, including cameras, alarms, and access control
  • Diagnose and correct issues with wiring, components & system equipment
  • Inspect electrical systems for regulatory compliance

Just a few of our many specific tasks as an electrical contractor for institutions include:

  • Electrical Inspection & Testing
  • Electric Panel Wiring & Repair
  • Electrical Transformers
  • Elevator Electrical
  • Emergency Electrical Services
  • EV Charging Stations (Multiport)
  • Exit, Emergency & Egress Lighting
  • LED Lighting Installation
  • Life-safety Components
  • Recessed Light Installation
  • HVAC
  • Correction of Short Circuits
  • Primary & Secondary Wiring
  • Standby or Backup Power (Generators)

According to your requirements, our professional electricians can support your institution as both a main service provider and an extension of existing maintenance staff.

Institutional Electrical Services: The Capabilities You Seek

Institutional electrical services may call for the qualifications of commercial work, industrial work or a combination of both. Trinity Electrical Services simplifies your search for electrical services by providing you with proficiency in both electrical disciplines.

Commercial electrical services as they may apply to institutions are complex and dependent on a particular level of knowledge and skill. As a commercial electrician company licensed by Illinois, Trinity Electrical Services has satisfied the state-mandated requirements for performing your electrical services safely and correctly. We are also fully insured in the event of any damage, accidents or injuries at the site.

Our commercial electricians are certified as well, meaning they have completed a four-year apprenticeship in addition to the coursework for Level 3 qualification. In addition, they further pursue continuing education and remain current with the National Electrical Code, which is updated every three years. These qualities are vital to the quality and accuracy of your commercial electrical work.

The Trinity team also includes two master electricians, meaning they represent the profession’s highest distinction of competency. A master electrician has completed at least three years of hands-on field work and been vetted for excellence of workmanship and knowledge of electrical safety.

Underground institutional electricOur being fully bonded further tells you that we have paid for a guarantee of our electrical services. As a bonded electrical contractor, we have a legal obligation to complete your job in a timely and professional manner and observe all applicate laws and codes.

Trinity Electrical Services is also properly certified to operate aerial lifts for electrical work your organization might require. We are fully compliant with:

  • OSHA 29 CFR 1926.453(b)(2)(ii)
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1926.21(b)(2)
  • ANSI A92.5-2006
  • ANSI A92.6-2006

Institutional Electrical Services: Lighting

For many institutions, lighting can often be the primary electrical concern, as well as the greatest electrical expense. Trinity Electrical Services provides the guidance and service for achieving efficiency and savings for your institutional lighting.

Proper lighting contributes to greater productivity and personal safety, less property damage, lower electrical loads and costs, enhanced appeal of surroundings, and even higher employee morale.

Professional lighting support becomes especially valuable because light output decreases over time as lamps get older and dirt and soot gather on surfaces such as facility walls, windows, and ceilings.

Our electricians can assess your facility and install the illumination that properly suits different areas such as office lighting, streetlights, and parking lot lighting. Just a few lighting factors we can address with you include brightness, distribution, lighting direction, shadows, and contrasts with colors and backgrounds. Our consultation also can resolve issues such as flickering lights and excessive glare.

Institutional Electrical Services: Power Panel Upgrades

Regardless of how well an electrical system was originally designed, in many cases a power panel upgrade will eventually become necessary. Trinity Electrical Services supports institutions with thorough, precise, and compliant panel upgrades.

A leading sign that your facility might need a panel upgrade is that it doesn’t seem to have enough power to satisfy everything. For instance, lights are flickering or equipment shuts off for no apparent reason. Another indicator can be circuit breakers that frequently trip.

Safety codes continue changing as well. Some older panels might not be compliant and consequently be identified as fire and safety hazards.

A power panel upgrade is also often desirable if you are planning to renovate a space or introduce equipment that increases the power load, such as a new HVAC system.

Institutional Electrical Services: Integrity & Reputation

You will always be able to identify Trinity electricians by our company trucks and professional uniforms. We maintain thorough and responsive communications with our customers before, during, and after service visits as well.

We further mandate that our commercial and industrial electricians are professionally focused and trustworthy. We perform thorough background checks and drug testing on all Trinity personnel to ensure the safety and integrity of our service to you.

“Electrician Near Me”: Contact Trinity Today

As a family- and U.S. veteran–owned business, Trinity Electrical Services is proud to support the purpose and efficiency of our local institutions. When you require professional guidance and service from an “electrician near me,” call us at (630) 499-1492. We will be glad to answer your questions and serve you.

Trinity Services is Lead Paint Safety Certified and OSHA compliant. We are also an open merit shop.

Family- and U.S. veteran–owned
A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Memberships and Associations

The Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.
The International Association of Electrical Inspectors
The National Fire Protection Association

"Praise the GREAT tradesmen...they are gifts from heaven. I am beyond blessed to have the best painter, the best electricians, Erin Solecki's husband from Trinity Electric, the best carpenter, Eric, from Upscale Remodeling, and definitely the best tile guy for my bathroom...absolutely exquisite work!"

Jill A.

"Jose is wonderful!! This whole experience from my first text to you to the installation of the new unit could not have gone better. I really appreciate it!! I will be sure to give a great recommendation to people who are in need of electrical services."

Angie N.

"Thank you Phil. Your crew did a great job and we appreciate the service that was provided to us. Very efficent and professional. If we should have any electrical repairs/issues needed in the future, we will contact Trinity Electric again!"

Donnielle S. – Batavia, IL

"Thanks for all your good work Phil! I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone in the future..."

Tom H. – Aurora, IL

"The technicians at Trinity services were extremely professional. It was a pleasure to open up our home to them. My wife and I were extremely impressed with how neat and clean they worked. A lot of contractors just don't care, but I could tell that Trinity was not one of those contractors."

Bruce – Naperville, IL

"I met Josiah last week when he came out to 310 S Rosedale in Aurora to consult with my clients about the house they are buying. I was very impressed by both his knowledge and wiliness to answer questions. Far too many in the trades are not quite so customer centric. In any case, it is my pleasure to recommend your company to other agents and to my own clients in the future."

Brad E. – Lisle, IL

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