Installing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger at Home

As we know here in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville and Plainfield (IL), the world continues to rapidly change. Things we once might have considered only in sci-fi books are now components of our daily lives. As professionals in electrical power supply, the technicians at Trinity Electrical often have an up-close view of technological progress. With… Read More

Why Do I Need an Electrical Inspection?

Many homes in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville and Plainfield (IL) will often be using power all day, especially with so many appliances performing different functions whether it’s toasting your bread, washing your clothes or lighting your rooms. Through the years, electrical systems have become so efficient that they can drift from our awareness – they’re… Read More

Electrical Code Corrections

Owning a home in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville and Plainfield (IL) requires some maintenance throughout the year. For example, we should check the air filter for our HVAC on a schedule, and it’s also wise to have the system inspected each year. Other basic tasks can include mowing the lawn and replacing the water-softener salt…. Read More

Do I Need to Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Toaster ovens, lights, cell phones, air conditioning, office computers: We can all agree that electricity is vital to how we live and work each day. Within a properly designed and installed electrical system, it serves us twenty-four hours a day. Electrical equipment and technology also move right in step with Father Time. Circuit panels can… Read More

Aerial Lifts for Electrical Work: Why Proper Training & Certification Matter

Professional electrical work in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville and Plainfield (IL) can involve having to reach and access notable heights, such as when repairing power lines or inspecting high warehouse ceilings. To do this work, electricians will often use an aerial lift, which is a vehicle-mounted device for elevating personnel. Aerial lifts are also referred… Read More

Staying Smart and Aware About Electrical Service

Lights, computers, coffee makers, microwave ovens, payment processing, wireless phones: We all depend on electricity every day we live and work. We also rely on skilled electricians to install, repair and maintain the systems that deliver the power for our daily needs and objectives. As certified specialists in electrical service for residential, commercial and industrial… Read More

LED Lighting Retrofit: A Brighter Way to Energy Savings & Efficiency

If you own or manage a business in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville or Plainfield (IL), you might be surprised to know that the purchase of the business facility can often be only around 10% of the cost of operation over the building’s lifetime. Whether the business is a warehouse, a restaurant or a retail storefront,… Read More

Commercial Lighting: Warehouse, Office, Medical

Commercial lighting has different applications and environments in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville and Plainfield. Having the right lighting for an operation’s functions, employees and customers involves assessing the facility and installing the illumination that accommodates different areas while reinforcing personal safety. In this discussion, we’ll review lighting in three commercial sectors: warehouses, offices and medical/healthcare… Read More

Parking Lot Lighting

If you own or manage a business in Oswego, Naperville, Aurora, Yorkville or Plainfield, you know that security for your building, employees and customers is an important part of operations. In addition to providing an excellent product or service, you want to ensure the property is secure. Parking lot lighting is a key component of… Read More

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