Radon Exposure and the Holidays

Radon exposure is always on our minds here at Trinity Radon. We think it would be great if it was on everyone’s minds! Each year, 160,000 people die from Lung Cancer. That is more than Breast, Prostate & Colorectal cancer deaths combined. Extended radon exposure can lead to lung cancer and accounts for 16,000 of those deaths.

The worst part of these statistics is that radon exposure can be avoided. Having your home tested for radon is the first step to seeing if you are being exposed to radon. If your home tests high for radon, meaning you have a level of 4.0 pCi/L or higher, then you should take steps to reduce your risks of radon exposure.

It is important to install a radon reduction system in your home to reduce your levels of radon, the lower the levels, the lower your risk of radon exposure. Radon mitigation systems help to reroute radon from entering your home, drastically lowering your levels. The less radon you are exposed to, the less of a chance for negative risks affecting your family.

As we head into the holiday season, it can be easy to put off a radon test or a radon reduction system installation. There is a lot going on with family visiting, presents to buy, and decorations to hang. But it is important to test your home if you suspect you have radon. Since radon is an odorless, tasteless & colorless gas, the only way to tell if you are being exposed to radon is by testing.

Give your family the gift of clean air this year. You and your family will breathe easier knowing that you are not in danger of the negative effects of radon exposure. 16,000 chairs will be empty around the table this year because of radon exposure. Don’t let anyone in your family be one of them.

"Thanks for all your good work Phil! I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone in the future..."

Tom H. - Aurora, IL
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