Radon Test: Buying & Selling Your Home

Are you looking into buying or selling your home?  If so, the EPA recommends having a radon test done in your home.  Since buying & selling a home is such a time sensitive process, the EPA has developed a guide to help homeowners make an educated decision in regards to radon testing.

If you are selling a home:

You should test your home before you put it on the market. If the results come back high, you should take the steps to remediate the problem by having a radon mitigation system installed to lower your radon levels.  Save all of the radon test results, as well as any information about the steps you have taken to fix the problem. Not only will this help expedite the sale of your home when you find a buyer, it is also a great selling point.

If you are buying a home:

When you are seriously considering purchasing a home, it is important for you to have a radon test so that you know what the radon levels are indoors. If the current owner has already had the home tested, you should ask for the results. If there is a radon reduction system already installed, you should be sure to share any information they have on the system.

If the home has not yet been tested, schedule a radon test with a qualified radon professional.  If you are considering building a house, there are many features that you can have incorporated into the construction of your new home.

Over the next few weeks, we will go into more detail about radon tests in terms of buying & selling a house. Radon is something that should be taken seriously. Though radon is a big problem when it is not addressed properly, it can be a relatively easy fix when handled correctly.

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