Radon Myth Busters: Part 2

Due to an overwhelming response to our first part of Radon Myth Busters, we are continuing it into a second post. there are many radon myths. Unfortunately, a lot of these myths are dangerous to believe as truths. In our effort to empower homeowners, we are debunking a few more radon myths.

Radon Myth #5

Radon is only a problem in some parts of the country.

Radon gas is actually found in every state. While some areas have a higher concentration of radon gas, it can be found everywhere. In Kendall County, 41% of homes tested at or above the action level. Over 120,000 homes in Illinois have levels above the action level-more than 40%.

Radon Myth #6

My neighbor had his home tested, so I don’t need to test mine.

Your neighbor’s results are not a good indicator of a problem. Your neighbor could have radon, and you might not. The reverse can be true as well. The only way to know whether or not your home has radon is to test your home.

Radon Myth #7

I’ve lived in my home too long. It won’t matter if I test now.

You can still reduce your risk of lung cancer by getting your home tested. If your home does test high, a radon mitigation system will reduce your radon levels. Whether you’ve lived with high levels for an extended period of time or not, you should have your home tested.

Radon Myth #8

Radon only affects certain types of homes.

This is one we hear quite a bit. The truth is that radon can be a problem in all kinds of homes. Whether the home is new, old, has a basement or not, radon can be a problem. It is not the type of home that causes radon. Since radon comes from the earth, it is naturally occurring.

While there are a good many radon myths floating around, this compilation contains the ones we hear most often. The best thing you can do is to empower yourself. Educate yourself on Radon. If you are unsure, give a radon professional a call. We would be happy to answer your questions!

Did we miss any radon myths that you have heard?

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