More Than Reducing Radon – Radon Mitigation

Aside from reducing radon, did you know there are benefits to having a radon mitigation system installed in your home?

Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. Since you cannot see, taste or smell it, the only way to know if you have radon in your home is to test. If your home tests high (at or above 4.0 pCi/L), you can do something to help in reducing radon. Radon reduction or radon mitigation systems help to remove the radon from your home by pulling it out from beneath your home & venting it with a  fan to the outside of your home. It is then diluted to a much less hazardous concentration.

But aside from reducing radon levels in your home, a radon reduction system can provide other benefits as well. We have often heard of homeowners saying that the dehumidifier seems to run less. Another common thing we hear is that the musty smell in the basement disappears. This is because an active radon system can draw a gallon of water from beneath your slab every two hours.

Less water under your home equals less bacterial growth. Less bacterial growth results in cleaner air with no musty smell. If you are an allergy sufferer, this is great news! When there is no musty smell in your basement, it means the things you store down there won’t smell bad. It also means that the time you spend in your basement won’t bother your sinuses.

With less humidity in the air & the musty smell gone, your home can feel cleaner. No more trying to cover up a dingy basement smell with bothersome air fresheners. A radon mitigation system can also help to increase your home value when you go to resell.

Obviously reducing radon is a radon mitigation system’s main job. These benefits can just be added to the “pro” list:

  • Dehumidifier running less
  • Reduced musty, basement smell
  • Cleaner home
  • Increased Home Value

If you need one more reason to install a radon reduction system:

  • It helps protect you & your family from the second leading cause of cancer.

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