National Radon Action Plan

National Radon Action Plan
National Radon Action Plan National Radon Action Plan – a strategy for saving lives.

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency has partnered with 10 other organizations (spearheaded by the American Lung Association) to create a  National Radon Action Plan. Their goal is to reduce the radon risk in over 5 million homes, and saving 3,200 lives annually by 2020. Their plan outlines the framework for this to be a possibility.

It is based on a goal to eliminate avoidable radon-induced lung cancer in the United States. The national radon workgroup is taking action by incorporating awareness about radon testing, radon mitigation & incorporating radon-resistant construction into systems that govern purchasing, financing, construction & renovating homes, as well as other buildings.

These actions build on early federal action that incentivizes radon action, such as testing for & mitigating high levels of radon & increasing visibility of the radon issue. This is truly a strategy for saving lives, as the radon workgroup intends for it to be.  For a full list of the members of the National Radon Workgroup, click here.

Trinity takes a part in this National Radon Action Plan by having a commitment to bring radon awareness to our community. Our goal is to have every community member have a greater understanding of the potential dangers of radon. Since you cannot see, taste or smell radon, we think it is imperative to have your home tested. If your home has high levels of radon, you should have a radon mitigation system installed to help reduce your levels.

Since this is the direction that things are moving on a national level, it is worth it to take proactive steps to ensure the safety of your family by having a test scheduled. There may even be incentives for you to take advantage of if you have a radon mitigation installed. If you need help finding a licensed tester in the area, give our offices a call at 630-499-1492.

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