Radon Myths & Radon Facts: Part 3

This is our third, and second to last installment of radon myths 2015.

RADON MYTH: If radon is such a big deal, why aren’t our government health officials doing something about it?

RADON FACT: They’ve already spent millions and millions of dollars trying. They’re not sure what to do next with the budget they have. Just look at all of the publications, brochures, posters, videos, radio and T.V. commercials they’ve already produced at a huge expense to us, the tax payers. No one is listening because of “The Basic Principals Of Advertising” which state that unless the message is repeated over and over and over again, no one will pay attention. A limited budget doesn’t buy advertising during the Super Bowl. Another reason is that our country is based on old English law, “A Man’s Home Is His Castle”. You can live in a home with as much radon as you’d like, the government isn’t going to force you to test or fix your home. That’s up to you.

RADON MYTH: If radon is such a big deal, why don’t we see or hear more about it?

RADON FACT: The media reports the news and radon isn’t news anymore. If a family of four dies in a house fire, it is indeed very sad and will be mentioned at the top of the broadcast, but they can’t start every news show by saying “And this just in…Over 50 people died today after being exposed to radon” (21,000 / 365 days = 57.53 people a day in America). Radon isn’t new any more. We’re supposed to already know.

RADON MYTH: Everything causes cancer so why worry.

RADON FACT: Not everything causes cancer, but it seems like that sometimes on the news reports. Cooking a hamburger on the grill everyday for an entire lifetime apparently causes cancer but statistically only effects about one person a year. Same with cell phones, sugar substitutes and all the other cancer scares we hear about. Unfortunately, all of those less significant risks distract us from the major causes of cancer like smoking and radon. 12% of ALL cancer deaths have been linked to radon and not just one person but over 21,000 Americans die every year from radon. In other words, it doesn’t make much sense to worry about the splinter in your finger when there’s a tree about to fall on you. Quit smoking, fix your radon problem, then maybe go ahead and relax, call a friend, fire up the grill and enjoy a diet soda.

RADON MYTH:If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

RADON FACT: True, we’re all going to die from something, but most people would prefer old age rather than cancer. Some people die while doing something they enjoy like skydiving, swimming, grilling hamburgers, etc. They weigh the risks and decide that the risks are worth the enjoyment, but nobody gets enjoyment from radon. It’s a huge risk with no benefit.

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