Illinois Radon Laws: What You Need To Know

Illinois Radon Laws

Did you know Illinois has Radon laws? These radon laws have been implemented to protect home owners, renters as well as children. Let’s take a look at some of the most recent Illinois Radon laws.

Radon Law #1: Illinois Radon Resistant Construction Act

On June 1, 2013, all new construction single family homes or dwellings containing 2 or fewer apartments, condos or town houses must have a passive radon pipe installed. This pipe may be installed by the contractor or subcontractor. However, if the homeowner wishes to “activate” the system by having a radon vent fan installed, or they would like to upgrade from a passive system to an active mitigation system, it must be done by an IEMA licensed Radon Mitigation contractor.

Radon Law #2: Illinois Radon Testing in Daycare Centers

As of January 1, 2013, all licensed daycare centers and home daycares are required to test for Radon. Effective January 1, 2014, daycare facilities must show proof of having conducted a test within the past 3 years when applying for an initial license or a renewal.

Radon Law #3: Illinois Radon Awareness Act

On January 1, 2008 it became a requirement for all sellers of a residential building to provide information about indoor radon exposure, as well as the fact that radon is the leading cause of non-smoker lung cancer & 2nd leading cause of lung cancer overall. This law does not require a radon test to be conducted prior to the sale of a home or even that a mitigation system has to be installed if the home does test high. It does, however, require that the results of a radon test must be disclosed to the buyers.

Radon Law #4: Illinois Law to Protect Renters

June 28. 2011 marked the start of a new requirement for landlords. Owners of rental units are required to inform renters in writing before a lease is signed if the rental unit has been tested for radon, as well as the fact that a radon hazard may exist. IF the rental unit hasn’t been tested for radon, the renter has the right to conduct a do-it-yourself test or to ask the owner to have a test performed by a licensed radon contractor. If the levels are high, the renter is responsible for informing the owner of the unit in writing.

These Illinois Radon Laws exist to help protect people from the dangers of radon. Do you have a question about these laws? Give our offices a call today at 630-499-1492.

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