EPA Radon Myths: Part 4

This is our final edition of EPA radon myths for 2015!

EPA RADON MYTH: Do-It-Yourself radon test kits are not accurate.

FACT: If you follow the instructions, D.I.Y. test kits are just as accurate as the extremely expensive professional radon monitors. If you are testing your own home and not in the process of a real estate transfer, the D.I.Y. test kits are recommended.

EPA RADON MYTH: Long-term test kits are more accurate than short-term test kits.

FACT: They are both as accurate and each will show you what the average radon concentration was during the time period tested. However, radon levels do vary dependent upon weather conditions and other factors. Long term testing will show the average results over a longer period of time and will average all of those changing conditions together for your final result. Radon levels within the home are usually lower in the spring and fall, while being higher in the winter and summer. Partially because our houses are more closed up, but mainly because the pressures within our houses that draw in the radon are greater whenever the temperature differences are more extreme. Although radon levels can vary widely throughout the year, short term tests are still recommended as the first step just in case your radon levels are extremely high. If you’d like to run a follow up test and average the two over different seasons, or take a longer test for a longer average, that’s up to you, but results from short term testing has been shown to have the same bearing on mitigation decisions 94% of the time.

EPA RADON MYTH: If radon is so important, someone, somewhere will remind me to test later.

FACT: Some things are so important that we shouldn’t need to be reminded. If you haven’t tested, you need to do it as soon as possible. Your health and your family’s health are important right now. Radon is a major cause of cancer but is also suspected in contributing to a variety of other illnesses including Leukemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s Disease. Why take a chance? Please don’t wait.

EPA RADON MYTH: I’m sure my friends, neighbors and loved ones already know about radon so I won’t worry about them.

FACT: The majority of families in the United States still don’t know how serious radon is. They’ve heard about it, seen some news about it and still don’t know the facts. Please help spread the word by telling everyone you can about radon. Knowledge is power and with knowledge comes responsibility. Please, make sure they know as much as you do.

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