What Can Radon Test Kits Do For You?

Radon – You are hearing about it everywhere now. Whether it’s on the news, from your neighbor or a political discussion, Radon is on the brain. This is because Radon is a dangerous radioactive gas. Long-term exposure to high levels causes 21,000 lung cancer deaths in the United States each year. One way to protect yourself from this dangerous gas is to use a Radon Test Kit.

Radon Test Kits Are Widely Available

Something so discussed must be difficult to test for & remediate, right? Wrong! Radon Test Kits are sold at most local hardware stores. Most counties have them available for purchase & some even offer coupons.  They range in price from $10 on up.

Radon Test Kits Are Easy to Use

Short-term Radon Test Kits come with easy to understand instructions & only take between 3-7 days to test. Most contain granules of activated charcoal. These granules absorb the radon from the air around it. When the test is complete, you place the canister into the mailer (which is typically prepaid) and send it off to the lab for analysis. The instructions even give you tips on the best (and worst) places to test your home.

Radon Test Kits Are Accurate

Certified laboratories analyze radon test kits. They send back their detailed analysis to you. These labs have nothing to gain by giving you misinformation.

If your DIY Radon Test Kit results come back at or above the EPA’s Action Level of 4.0 pCi/L, we recommend having a licensed radon testing company come out to test your levels. This is for two reasons:

  1. When having a short-term test done, you usually want to take the average of both of your results because levels can fluctuate daily, and even hourly.
  2. Even though radon test kits are easy to use, there is a small chance for user error. It is a less expensive option to have a radon testing company come out to verify your levels, than to install a mitigation system you may or may not need!

If you need help finding a DIY Radon Test Kit, give us a call at 630-499-1492.

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