Radon Mitigation Somonauk, IL

A Type A carcinogen, radon gas is part of the radioactive decay chain of naturally occurring uranium in soil. It passes through soil and enters buildings and structures where people live, work and gather.

Radon can’t be seen, tasted or smelled, but it can cause lung cancer if breathed in certain concentrations over a period of time. Unlike other home pollutants such as carbon monoxide, radon’s dangerous impact on health is often delayed. A person can be exposed to it for years and not be aware.

Heightened levels of radon can be detected in each U.S. state and every Illinois county. Managing the gas in occupied and inhabited spaces is vital to protecting good health. Professionals trained in radon mitigation can ensure you do it correctly.

Radon Mitigation for Somonauk, IL, Homes and Businesses

Finding out if you’re at risk of overexposure to radon gas requires accurate testing. Trinity Electrical and Radon Mitigation specializes in swift, simple and cost-effective radon testing and reduction for homes and businesses in Somonauk, IL.

Our experts use specialized equipment to detect where radon is entering and then advise you on the best way to reduce concentrations. As a fully licensed radon mitigation contractor, we make sure your system is installed correctly and performing as intended while improving indoor-air quality.

Our procedure is efficient and non-invasive. All of our systems are guaranteed to reduce your average radon concentration level below the Illinois action level of 4.0 pCi/L.

Ensure you and those around you aren’t at risk – contact us at (630) 499-1492 today to discuss our radon mitigation for Somonauk, IL.

Quick Facts on Radon

Here are some fast facts on radon gas:

  • Radon gas was discovered in 1900 by a German physicist.
  • American construction worker Stanley Watras created wide public awareness of the radon-gas issue in 1984 while working at a Pennsylvania power plant. Even though the plant didn’t store nuclear materials, Watras began triggering radiation monitors when leaving work. The cause proved to be radon and radon progeny clinging to his clothes and skin.
  • Spurred by the Watras case, the Environmental Protection Agency passed the Indoor Air Quality Research Act in 1986.

Radon Solution for Somonauk, IL

Trinity Electrical and Radon Mitigation can professionally remove the dangers of radon gas and its decay products from your home or business. Prevent radon from posing a risk to your health – call (630) 499-1492 to discuss our radon mitigation procedures for Somonauk, IL.

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