Geneva, IL Air Duct Cleaning

The air ducts in your home or business are important to the air you breathe. They're also easy to overlook in your home or business maintenance plan. They should be cleaned at least once every year.

Beyond proactive maintenance, be aware of certain signs that indicate you need air duct cleaning soon. They might be extra dust build-up or an increase in suffering from allergy, breathing or respiratory problems.

Trinity Electrical Services provides professional air duct cleaning for Geneva, IL. Our services include repair, sanitation, light mold removal, deodorizing and allergy reduction.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

To clean your air ducts, we run two powerful HEPA (99% filtered) vacuums. We also utilize EPA-approved cleaning solutions that help deodorize ducts; reduce and inhibit mold, bacteria & mildew growth; and block airborne particles from entering vents.

Air duct cleaning will help ensure that you and your family or employees are breathing cleaner air. Call (630) 499-1492 for more details about our air duct cleaning for Geneva, IL. Our services could also help you save on heating and cooling costs!